Corrugated packaging

Cepac designs and produces a comprehensive range of corrugated packaging. Key products range from high-volume corrugated containers, to retail-ready packaging, to industrial packaging. Categories we serve include FMCG packaging, drinks packaging and confectionery packaging, for which we provide high-speed, automated packs that optimise productivity. Specialist niches we serve include automotive packaging, produce packaging and furniture packaging.


Retail-ready and shelf-ready packaging

Our customers benefit from our work at the forefront of the development and deployment of retail-ready packaging and shelf-ready packaging. Experience includes beer packs, wine packs, spirits packs, confectionery packs, pet food packs and packs for snacks, biscuits and cakes. Retail-ready and shelf-ready packs are brought to life with high-definition print produced using pre-print flexo, litho, screen and digital technologies to suit the product and use.




Printed packaging

Cepac consistently invests in the most advanced print, pre-print and pre-press technologies to ensure that our customers have the edge on shelf and in store. Our high-definition, photographic quality print technologies include pre-print flexo, HQPP, litho print, digital print and screen print, all delivering industry leading image definition, clarity and vibrancy.


Specialist packaging

As a customer-oriented company, we have become a specialist provider and development partner to numerous industries and supply chains.

These include turnkey services to the automotive supply chain, farm to fork produce packaging for the agricultural and horticultural sectors and flat-pack and transit packs for furniture and white goods manufacturers.